All about an Invoice Registration Portal (IRP)

Invoice Registration Portal or IRP is a platform for taxpayers to register business invoices and generate electronic Invoices or e-Invoices. IRP generates and assigns IRN & QR codes to every GST invoice post duplication checks. IRN or Invoice Reference Number comprises 64 characters used by the government authorities to validate e-Invoices generated by businesses in India. It will help check invoice authenticity and lessen the frauds in the tax ecosystem.

While previously there was only one IRP NIC, the government has now added more IRPs to the list to reduce the burden from the single IRP portal. Therefore, Cygnet Tax Tech presents Cygnet IRP, which helps businesses generate e-Invoices at speed, and much more.


Cygnet IRP offerings

Cygnet IRP offers multiple options to Taxpayers, making it easy for them to sign up for e-Invoice generation

Via Application

  • IRP Tool

    Be compliant by seamlessly generating e-Invoices through the IRP portal.

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  • e-Invoicing Portal

    Generate e-Invoices and e-Way Bill, study statistics & reports for enhanced decision making and do more with e-Invoicing Portal.

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  • Cygnet IRP Mobile App

    Use android or iOS app to generate e-Invoices & e-Way Bill.

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  • API via ERP

    Integrate with any ERP or accounting system to generate e-Invoices through APIs.

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  • API via GSP

    Generate e-Invoicing via desired GSP.

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  • Direct API Access

    Generate e-Invoice from Cygnet IRP directly.

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Challenges faced by businesses

Multiple GSTINs & single login

Insufficient support

Failures in e-Invoice generation

Risk of errors and validation issues

Why Cygnet IRP?

Generate e-Invoice, e-Way Bill, file GST returns, and do a lot more

Leverage the modern approach of generating e-Invoices in a single click instead of generating e-Invoice via JSON export traditionally

Quicker ERP integration for seller & buyer

Backward integrate purchase entries by importing e-Invoices generated through Cygnet IRP

Store Invoices beyond 48 hours

Simplify compliance and manage all GSTINs using a single account

Support multiple types of formats and document types

Verify IRN, QR Code, taxpayer status, e-Invoice eligibility & signed Invoice

Why generate e-Invoices with Cygnet IRP Premium?

Unlock value with Cygnet IRP’s Premium offerings now!

Don’t just generate e-Invoices; use our premium offerings to elevate your compliances.

About Cygnet Infotech

Cygnet IRP is part of Cygnet Tax Tech. Cygnet Tax Tech is a global Indirect Tax Compliance solution provider, catering to hundreds of large & medium-sized organizations, tax consultants, and partners across India, Middle East, UK & Europe, among others. Cygnet Tax Tech offers solutions across GST & VAT compliance, procurement to payment, vendor invoice reconciliation, compliance tracking, GST compliant accounting software, audit reconciliation, and much more.

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