Cygnet IRP


Cygnet IRP’s e-Invoicing Portal offers a wide range of functionalities to generate e-Invoices, file GST returns, view statistics, print PDFs, create meaningful reports along with managing reconciliations, vendor notifications, GST notices and more to avail maximum ITC.


ERP providers with API integration capabilities can integrate with e-Invoicing Portal or utilize enriched APIs to develop their own applications.


Digitize invoice processing performance & eliminate human errors

Mandatory e-Invoicing for businesses with more than Rs.20 Cr. revenue

Upload invoice data and automate your GST compliance tasks

Claim eligible ITC & manage reconciliations efficiently


1New user registration

On the registration page, enter GSTIN to receive a notification on the registered mobile number for verification purposes. Now, enter username and password & log in to the IRP portal.


On the Login page, enter username and password. For IRP portal verification, OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number. The successful verification will log in the taxpayers into IRP Portal.

3API Registration

Click on API Registration under API Signing Stats to finish the API registration process.

4 e-Invoicing Portal

Navigate to e-Invoicing Portal or IRP Portal and Cygnet Tax Tech’s extended functionalities.

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