Cygnet IRP


Cygnet IRP Tool helps generate e-Invoices through the IRP portal and be compliant for taxpayers over Rs. 20 Cr. revenue with reduced manual intervention and costs.


No integration is required to get started

Real-time e-Invoice generation

Excel-based easy imports


1 Download tool

Download IRP Tool on the desktop and double click to open and run.

2 New user registration

On the registration page, enter GSTIN to receive a notification on the registered mobile number for verification purposes. Now, enter username and password to log in to the IRP portal.

3 Login

Enter username and password to log in. Upon verification by IRP portal, OTP will be sent to registered mobile number. The successful verification will let the user access the IRP Portal.

4 Open Tool

Open the downloaded offline tool and log in using the GSTIN used for API Registration. Punch in the invoice data for e-Invoice preparation.

5 Download JSON

After preparing the e-Invoice data in the tool, click on download JSON.

6 Push to IRP

After preparing the e-Invoice data in the tool, it can be directly pushed to Cygnet IRP for e-invoice generation.

7 Upload JSON Data

Navigate to Cygnet e-Invoicing Portal and click on import and follow the process to upload JSON data.

8 Format does not matter

Utilize any data format to upload Invoice data.

9 Get e-Invoices with IRN & QR code

Generate IRP and QR code for every GST e-Invoice.

10 Minimize human efforts

Reduce manual data entry in e-Invoice generation.

11 Create e-Invoicing & e-Way bill with ease

Generate NIC compliant JSON, which is further used for e-Invoicing generation.

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